Jonas Groot Kormelink

Philips – Health

For this practical assignment we were put in groups of two. My companion was Aart Röst ( My Partner in Crime! ). Philips gave us three datasets to work with. The first data set was a list with all the employee’s which work or worked for Philips design. Next to that we were given a sheet with projects they worked on in the past year. The second data set were a few presentations about awards that Philips won, for their products. The last dataset we had to make ourselves. We were given a device that measures the moisture level (GSR) and the heart beat interval (IBI). We ( our class ) set up a program in which you would be able to see the difference between various activities. The programs duration was about thirty minutes. The program was divided into five segments ( in a duration of five minutes and a break of one ).
The first activity was heavy braving. After a break we had to do fairly simple math. The third activity was listening to music. Divided into two types of music ( Chill/Relax and Terror ). The fourth was watching scenes of Jackass. The last was running up and down a staircase for twenty times. Next to the GSR and IBI measurements we attached a iPhone to the chest of the participant. Which measured the X,Y and Z heading & acceleration. Having all these measurement we could start working on the project.

After having try several different approaches, the result was not good enough, in our opinion. Since the data was to abstract and to predictable ( since we knew it would go crazy when the participants ran down the stairs ). Therefor we tried to turn it around. What would be possible when you’ve got some kind of device that sends out the IBI and GSR data live. So we came up with the conceptual idea to have a mood bracelet. On which personal and environmental devices would respond on. The idea is to get the user would become in balance again. In example when you’r really tired the lights would become more bright and the color would change to a more vivid color in order to cheer you up! Since it is a concept there are a few things we still need to figure out. For example when you’re overactive what should you be able to watch ? Speeding cars in order to give you want you want and calm you down, or Bob Ross ( which probably will make you even more active since you don’t want to watch it ).

a few screenshots: