Jonas Groot Kormelink

Philips – Awards

For this practical assignment we were put in groups of two. My companion was Aart Röst ( My Partner in Crime! ). Philips gave us three datasets to work with. The first data set was a list with all the employee’s which work or worked for Philips design. Next to that we were given a sheet with projects they worked on in the past year. The second data set were a few presentations about awards that Philips won, for their products. The last dataset we had to make ourselves ( see Philips – Health ).

Since the award data were powerpoint presentations the data was incomplete. Therefor we decided to only use the year in which the product won the award, the product and the organization that gave the award, since these were more or less complete. The visualization is build up by three layers. The first shows the year, the second shows the organizations in that year and the third shows the product with the awards the product has won. The timeline ( on the bottom ) is obviously build up by the years, the length of each year is based on the amount of awards that are won in that particular year. I also tried to combine the product with an image of that product, using google images. But it lacked clarity.

a few screenshots: